Mike Akai

Mike Akai's style is hard hitting on stage and off. Born in Chicago's south side, Akai's fate as a drummer was sealed at a very young age when his parents allowed family members to practice in their house. Through the guitar, bass, keys, vocals, and horn section, the drums is what his ear was drawn to. Known for his in the pocket precise chops - Akai developed his own unmistakable laid-back-till-it's-time-to-not-lay-back, style of drumming.

Mike is proudly endorsed by Beat Boogie Quality Drums. He plays a custom made, one of a kind cedar kit.

Mike has also been the drummer for Hogtown Packing Co., and the Allman Brothers tribute band, Eat a Peach. He's laid down several original CD's with these bands. Mike is also a current stand-in drummer for other bands, including: Cooper's Grove, JD and the Fuzz, and the Junkyard Dawgs.

Mike Akai, drums
Mike Akai, endorsed by Beat Boogie Quality Drums
Mike Akai, drummer
Mike Akai, drummer and percussionist
Mike Akai, drums