Ed Oberlander

Ed was born and raised in East Lynn, IL (population 250 when the cows all came home). He was struck with the music bug early on in life. Several high school projects, and a fairly popular one in college brought him to the Kankakee, IL area.

In the 90's he took part in many notable bands including: Hooligans, Rude Mood, Jimi South, Windows on the Ceiling, Mary J & the Boogie Hounds and Liive. In the 2000's, he saw new heights with Everyday People, a 10-piece R&B outfit with horns.

Other projects included K3 El Kabong, On The Rocks, and A.C.M.E. Jam Band, where he first hooked up with Mike Akai, Fork in the Road's current drummer. In 2010, Ed kept himself busy with Beauty & the Beat, Don't Poke the Bear, and a Jimmy Buffett tribute band.

In 2017, Ed received the Area Music Award for "Best Male Vocalist".

Ed Oberlander, guitar and vocals
Edward Oberlander, guitarist
Ed Oberlander, guitarist, vocalist